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Essential traditional fragrance originating from oriental and eastern continents since the time of the Silk route.

Attars are oil-based, non-alcoholic fragrances traditionally derived from flower and oud extracts. Hence attars are highly concentrated and strong fragrances.

1 drop of attar = 5 drops of perfume. So 1 application of attar can last for upto 72 hours.

Our attars are synthetic fragrances imitated from flowers like jasmine, tuberose, lavender, pink rose, white rose, lotus and oud.




OPTION 1 ( The royal way): Take a pea-size swab of cotton and add a 3-4 drops of your favourite attar in it. Then place the attar-filled swab of cotton in the upper crevice of your ear. The swab of cotton will remain secure in the ear and the fragrance will last all day.


OPTION 2 : Lightly brush small drops of attar on your skin; behind the ear, palms, wrist, neck, ear lobes. Avoid contact with clothes as the oils form the attar can leave a stain on the garments.


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