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Our story. Who we are and how did we start our journey?

Margeamirage is a premieum ready-to-wear brand inspired by the mixed-cultures of the modern world. But what is a mixed culture and how did I identify this niche?

The idea for Margeamirage came to me while working on a school project at ESMOD, Paris back in 2014. All the students had to visit different boutiques in Paris and study how the merchandising is managed in different brands, what was selling, what was not selling, understand the trends etc.

So I visited lot of fast fashion brands, medium range brands as well as luxury brands and was surprised to see similar items being sold in all the stores eg, the same blue jacket, beige overcoat, black denims. The designs and styles were so similar across brands that if you took away the label you couldn't tell which design belonged to which brand.

As a student of fashion design I was a bit disturbed to observe that after all the progress and development being made int he world of fashion and technology nobody was making efforts to bring new designs to the market. Customers were being fed the same designs year after year with little to no change in core designing. This made me decide that when I launch my brand it would be strongly based on innovation and creating designs which you would not find in any other store. Moe than that as a designer I always gravitated towards the concept of mixed elements, blurred lines, and opposing forces co-living in the same environment. But this concept was not yet developed enough to develop a meaning collection.

So I researched more into this niche called "alternative fashion or conceptual fashion" where brands create designs around a concept or their own personality instead of blindly following commercial trends. This niche piqued my interest a lot. Then in 2019 I applied and was accepted in a fashion incubator founded by Jean-Luc Francois near Pantin. During the 6-month incubation the incubator helped me streamline my inspiration and vision and I came across this niche called Third Culture Kids. People born in one country, raised in another and living in yet another. Or children born to multi-racial parents. So such a person, even though they might be citizens of a country, don't feel the emotional belongingness or attachment to that culture, their unique lifestyle having been enriched with elements from different cultures and ethnicities.

And voila! I had found my target niche market which aligned perfectly with my personal inspiration of contrast between opposing forces and I designed this first collection inspired by cultures and ethnicities crossing over and giving birth to an emerging population of mixed cultures in today's world. So you will find references of different cultures in my collection. eg. a dress-shirt which can be paired with denims or a boyfriend jeans or can be worn as it is as an evening dress. Or a pair of denim trousers with cotton panels which resembles a skirt.

I even included unisex pieces in the collection which adds another dynamic to the universe of Margeamirage. A brand which prides itself on crossing over of cultures, sexualities and everything else which makes us human.


The launch came finally in 2021 with us opening our first Pop up store in the 12th district of Paris. It was a small showroom where I invited all my past colleagues, friends and peers. The launch was a huge success followed by another Pop-up store near Charles de Gaulle étoile and a gallery exhibition in collaboration with Mairie de Paris.

We welcome you all to be part of our multi-culture universe and share your own lifestyle and stories to enrich our journey. #tck #multiculture #crossculture #diversity #inclusivity #unisex