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A sustainable approach to fashion

As an environmentalist industrial pollution has always bothered me to the core and as a fashion professional when I see fast fashion industry polluting and advancing absolutely perfect clothing into heaps of trash it forces and motivates me to adopt practices in my own brand to minimise my impact on the planet and the environment.

The visual of landfills piling up with mounds of disintegrating polyblends is enough to make anyone's stomach turn. And why? simply because consumers and producers, both, don't know what to do with those clothes anymore. Hence I decided to launch Margeamirage as a slow fashion brand where ;

- the clothes will be made in universal sizes, making the brand more inclusive

- unique and modular designs which can be worn all year round 

- instead of launching a full-blown collection of 200 designs every season we will introduce mini collections of 5 - 10 pieces which will keep the brand fresh and significant for the consumers without creating over-production and wastage.

In our efforts to ensure sustainability and respect our social responsibility in the year 2020 we collaborated with Circular Fashion Pledge, an initiative launched by an American social worker Adam. As members of this pledge we have promised to always include the following policies in our day-to-day operations;

1. Circular economy models: by which we use fabrics and accessories which have been discarded by other fashion houses. We use only those fabrics in our collections which been sourced through already existing materials in the market instead of creating new fabrics.

2. We don't use paper in our offices: We have completely replaced paper with computer. We never print unnecessary documents in the office. Everything is managed digitally thus reducing our paper consumption by 98%.

3. Always promote recycling in our operations. We recycle upto 94% of all our discarded fabrics and paper products by either reusing them as scraps, reselling them for upcycling or making hand made paper. 

We hope to improve fashion and encourage our contemporaries to follow suit. #saynotofastfashion #sustainabledevelopment #margeamirage