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Third Culture Kids : An invisible demographic

I didn't always know that this term existed even though I met TCKs every now and then at work or through friends. A lot of my friends introduced themselves saying "My mother is Canadian and my father is Norwegian" or "My father is turkish and my mother is Scottish" or "I was born in Paris, grew up between London and Dubai so I actually don't speak french that well".

These stories always intrigued me and made me curious as to how random and confusing their day-to-day lives must be. When you are not being forced by your parents to follow a set and rigid set of values or when you family is so dispersed that you are free to choose and follow whichever tradition you like. This freedom of thought comes with its own consequences; confusion, indecision and identity crisis to say the least.

With these insecurities every morning the third culture kids dress up, go to work, struggle to excel in their careers, come home to a family, following the same routine like their "monoculture" counterparts yet there exists not a single product or service in the world which targets the specific needs and desires of this niche, which is estimated to include over 230 million individuals globally.

An entire world demographic has gone unnoticed by the so called leaders, innovators and problem solvers of the modern world. The more I researched on this subject the more I realised how indirectly we have all been trained and motorised to follow the "common man" narrative. Almost as if someone does not want us to express or show our unique personality traits (even going beyond the realm of culture to include other aspects like alternative gender identities, alternative sexualities, alternative career goals) and being a fashion designer of course my focus went immediately towards the urgent need for alternative fashion. 

Today not only TCKs but almost every second individual I meet struggles to find a "special, unique" outfit even for simple purchases like office-wear or dailywear. No more do people want to be forced the beaten-to-death styles and silhouettes which have existed since the late 1900s.

Hence the idea of an alternative fashion brand came to me, a brand inspired by the unique mix of cultures like the TCKs but which can be adopted and appreciated by everyone. Where we don't limit ourselves to the boundaries and what has been. Clothes inspired and constructed for the modern evolving population which is built on exchange and shared knowledge of each others' identities. Where we break the illusion of limits, the mirage of margins and Margeamirage was born.


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