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Reads & Epiphanies

  • Our story. Who we are and how did we start our journey?

    And voila! I had found my target niche market which aligned perfectly with my personal inspiration of contrast between opposing forces and I designed this first collection inspired by cultures and ethnicities crossing over and giving birth to an emerging population of mixed cultures in today's world. So you will find references of different cultures in my collection. eg. a dress-shirt which can be paired with denims or a boyfriend jeans or can be worn as it is as an evening dress. Or a pair of denim trousers with cotton panels which resembles a skirt.
  • A sustainable approach to fashion

    In our efforts to ensure sustainability and respect our social responsibility in the year 2020 we collaborated with Circular Fashion Pledge, an initiative launched by an American social worker Adam. As members of this pledge we have promised to always include the following policies in our day-to-day operations;
  • Third Culture Kids : An invisible demographic

    With these insecurities every morning the third culture kids dress up, go to work, struggle to excel in their careers, come home to a family, following the same routine like their "monoculture" counterparts yet there exists not a single product or service in the world which targets the specific needs and desires of this niche, which is estimated to include over 230 million individuals globally.