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Following advanced training at ESMOD Paris and thanks to his career in the French fashion industry, Varun Gupta had identified a niche of proliferating clients in Paris, looking for clothing specially personalized according to their trades and their needs. unique.


Born from this style of personalization, Varun Gupta launches, under the name of MARGEÀMIRAGE, its first collection specially adapted to the daily life of VTC pilots in Ile de France. Made from stain-resistant, sweat-wicking and machine-washable fabrics, this collection aims to bring ease, convenience and comfort to the thousands of female chauffeurs who are doing their best to bring the same to our lives.



Co-funded by the “Paris Region”, the “Association Jean-Luc Françcois” had incubated our structure in autumn 2019 and is supporting us in its development. We would like to thank them for sharing their support and guidance with us.

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